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Your success is our business

We believe that innovation is much more than just a good idea; it requires close collaboration, effective implementation and dependable support.

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How we make a difference


It’s good to talk. We have bright people who are adept at tackling complex business problems. We often find the answer by listening and utilising existing functionality. Where we can’t we write detailed specifications in conjunction with customers to make sure we get it right.


Our customers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so our project and implementation process caters for the complex as well as the simple and the large as well as the smaller customer. We involve these teams in the sales process so we all know what we’re getting into.


Our ‘cloud ’ based hosted platform allows you to manage the travel and let us worry about the IT. As well as taking care of security, scalability and providing a disaster recovery service, we also manage system upgrades to ensure you benefit from the latest functionality.

“Dolphin's philosophy of continuous improvement is apparent with each new release. The latest enhancements have been a real boost to the productivity of the team."



When we build

We build for all. Ours is a platform that is continually enhanced; by our roadmap development, by customer projects and regulatory requirements.

We believe that operating a single code base offers maximum value to all of our customers. Not just for what is there today but also for what will be added this year, next year and every year.

With our ongoing commitment towards investing in Dolphin you can be sure we’ll keep pace with your business.



We're listening

We believe there is no better measure of our success than the trust our customers place in us. To ensure we continue to meet their needs we actively encourage their feedback and input.

Customer user groups and forums
We run these several times a year, normally a dozen or so customers from a specific sector and a few of us to allow a focused conversation. These are a great way to get feedback on what’s what in the industry, whether our roadmap is going in the right direction, and what the emerging consumer trends are.
The annual Dolphin customer survey
Once a year we survey all of our customers. We nag them to complete it because we really want to know what they think and particularly where we need to improve. We recently added a ‘Rate your Experience’ instant survey to our Support Desk emails so we can also check the pulse of our customers day by day.
Have your say at The Town Hall
Our monthly ‘Town Hall’ meetings also benefit from customer presentations. We are grateful that our customers take the time to stand up in front of everybody at Dolphin Dynamics to tell us what it’s like to be a customer, good and bad. The survey is great but there is no substitute for being told directly by a real-life customer.

“We're relatively new to Dolphin but couldn't work without it now. Our customers and staff are delighted with the efficiency gains we've achieved.”