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The term CRM or Customer Relationship Management seems to pop up everywhere these days. But what is it exactly and why is it so important to invest in a CRM system?

CRM is about continuous engagement with your clients and it helps you manage your interactions with potential customers as well. If you do this well as a company, you will see that your customer service levels go up which will lead to more sales and ultimately more profits. Sounds good, right?

So how does a CRM system help you do that?

Keep your client and prospect database organised

Do you remember everything about your clients? Most likely, the answer is no. A CRM doesn’t forget and information doesn’t get lost. With a CRM system you can easily organise your clients’ details in neat Individual profiles so you don’t have to rack your brain too much.

Talk to your customer

CRM tools are there to help you understand who your customers really are. Not only does it let you organise their details within those neat client profiles I mentioned earlier, you can also track things like their buying patterns, their spend levels, even their preferences for a certain type of holiday or destination. So, you can send an email with great offers just when they’re starting to think about their next holiday or send them messages before they set off on their trip or welcome them back home afterwards.

Keep your leads warm

Besides talking to your existing clients, you can also use a CRM to talk to potential customers. A CRM system lets you store your leads in one place and you can send targeted marketing emails to those that need a bit more convincing that your holidays are absolutely fantastic.

Make your sales team more efficient

A CRM system is like an information hub for travel agents. They can easily follow up on a quote, check the status of a booking and set up reminders to chase payments. The booking flow will be smoother so travel consultants can focus on what is more important; customers.

In short, without a decent working CRM system it is really hard to talk to your customer and know what makes them tick. Hopefully this blog post has convinced you that it is not a 'nice-to-have' but something essential for running a travel business.

What about you? Are you using a CRM system now?

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