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Personalisation is not just another buzz word in the travel technology world, it’s simply what customers want and expect, especially in the travel business. Travellers feel more comfortable on their holidays when their experience has a personal touch and they are also much more likely to turn into repeat customers.

For instance, on a recent trip to Guernsey, I stayed at a The Duke of Richmond hotel and everywhere I went the staff addressed me by my name. Not only was there a welcome message on the TV screen when I got to the room, there was also a box of chocolates with a hand-written note wishing me a lovely stay. When I left, it felt like I was saying goodbye to new-found friends and I will definitely book that hotel again if ever I find myself back in Guernsey.

Travel technology can actually take that personal touch a step further and non-hospitality companies can learn a thing or two from the way hotels do it.

A Warm Welcome

I mentioned the Duke of Richmond and the hand written note, but French hotel chain Mama Shelter takes it a step further. They send out a welcome email before you’ve even arrived. It includes a picture of your room and tips on events that are happening in the destination that weekend.

During the Stay

Travellers pick their hotels on price and location, but if a hotel offers a personalised service, it does tend to score higher. One example of a hotel that gets it right is the Holiday Inn. It gives guests access to their app so they can control their in-room televisions, lights and air-con. The Every Hotel in London lets you hook up your playlist to their Spotify, even in the restaurant. Some hotels do wake up calls, followed up with guests’ favourite morning drink. Or the Sheraton in Bratislava researches its guests on social media and uses that to offer their guests a gift during their stay.

A fond farewell

I refer to Mama Shelter again. A few days after your stay they send another one with an image of a gentleman holding up a sign that says, we miss you already.

These hotels use technology in a clever way to help them deliver a personal service to their customers.

So how can you add a personal touch?

CRM technology can help you set up a client database where you can add personal information such as birthdays, booking patterns, holiday spend, destination preferences etc and use this data to reach out to your customers. For instance, you can send out messages to wish them a nice holiday and welcome them back when they come home. Email them with tailored offers to their favourite destinations, at the time they tend to book their holidays.

It’s all about data gathering, analysing it and then using it in the right way at the right time to reach out to your customers in a proactive way. If you get this right, you will see some amazing results.


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