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For a business, communicating with customers is more than just a nice to have. It’s actually a must-have that ultimately defines the company's productivity and customer satisfaction.

For many travel companies this is a familiar scenario: Before making a booking a customer is likely to have many interactions with your company. In fact, customers are likely to communicate with multiple staff members and will expect each employee to have access to their communication history. If your staff are struggling to communicate with customers in a streamlined way, you will run the risk of sending them to one of your competitors.

If that is not enough of a reason to start communicating with customers, here are some additional benefits:

Higher productivity

It can be very frustrating to a customer when a travel agent cannot find any information on their previous enquiry. Travel agencies can - and do - lose a lot of time and money because of this. If your business communicates smarter, it will achieve higher productivity levels and your staff will avoid awkward misunderstandings when talking to potential bookers.

Personalise your customer service

By managing the communication process more effectively, your business will understand its customers better and respond to them more efficiently. This will allow travel agents to tailor their service for customers based on previous trips, preferences and areas of interest. More engaged customers will create higher conversion rates (more sales), and less time wasting (lower costs). 

Unique insights

Talking to your customers on a regular basis, gives you unique insight into how your business is doing and what areas you need to improve on. It will give you information on how to create a product that will delight your customers and they in turn will feel valued since you made their opinion count.

Repeat business

Customers who feel valued and liked the way they were treated by a certain company, are very likely to become return customers. In fact, their happiness with your brand can also lead to them recommending your company to their friends or colleagues. Who in turn will recommend their friends and colleagues, etc. 

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