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It pays off to make sure your customers turn into repeat customers as they tend to spend more than new customers and they’re also more likely to recommend their experience to friends and family. So, how do you make sure they do come back? Read on for some tips for creating repeat customers.

Personalised service

Besides communicating with your customers in an open and engaging way, it pays off to utilise client data in the conversation. Addressing your customers by their name and giving them your name is a good start and creates a connection without being too intrusive. Besides their name, the more data you’re able to gather about your clients, the easier it will become to use this to communicate with them in a personal way.

Flawless service

Customers appreciate a seamless service as much as a personal service. If for instance one of your staff has been speaking to a potential client who then calls back, they won't want to repeat where they'd like to go. Keeping copies of previous interactions and being able to retain what their preferences, likes and dislikes are, is key for offering a smooth customer service.

Personal touch

Adding a personal touch to your customers' experience goes a long way. You could send them birthday wishes, or even email them wishing them a nice trip and welcoming them back from their trip will definitely make you stay top of mind.

Exclusive offers

Once they’ve travelled with you, the data you gathered in the booking process could be used to send marketing emails tailored to your customers' preferences and travel patterns. For instance, if you know when and where they’re most likely to travel, you can send them relevant offers and deals before they’ve even started to think about their next holiday.

Having access to a client database that allows you to add customers' personal information like birthdays, booking patterns, holiday spend, destination preferences, etc. is crucial to keep your customers coming back for more. Because if you don’t retain them, your competitors will. 

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