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Automating your business processes with new travel management technology can be a big investment. However, if you decide not to automate your business simply because it is too large of an investment, it might actually end up costing you more down the line. Here’s why.

If your travel business is using spreadsheets or a clunky back office system you will find that your staff are spending a lot of time on things like managing bookings and quotes and storing booking and customer information, chasing payments, searching for products, and communicating with customers, etc. Time that should be spent on selling holidays, which is revenue lost.

Additionally if they spend a lot of time on tedious admin tasks and manual data entry, they will most likely not enjoy their job, resulting in low productivity levels and a high turnover rate. It goes without saying that hiring and training new people costs a lot of money. Automating your business processes will simplify their tasks and make their jobs more efficient and their morale will be higher when they start making more sales, so you retention rates will increase.

It's very hard to determine how your business is really doing and what your ROI is if you're using spreadsheets and data that is stored in various locations around your business. It leaves you without solid business insights and the ability to spot trends without access to a robust reporting tool. Creating reports this way is very manual and time consuming and it’s hard to keep track of sales. So basically you're in the dark when it comes to knowing which processes don't work and are costing you money If you don't have access to a solid reporting system.

Investing in automating your business processes by adopting a travel management system will save time and ultimately money, so eventually you will see that the travel booking system you’re buying will really pay for itself.

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