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Many travel businesses feel reluctant to adopt new technology for various reasons like cost, effort and time, etc. A reason we hear a lot is that they are worried about moving data across from one system to another and that things like customer information and existing bookings could get lost. While moving across from one travel booking system to another can indeed be an undertaking, your data shouldn’t have to be a casualty while doing so.

So, what can you do to make sure that data doesn't get lost while adopting new travel technology? 

The right support

When looking for a tech partner, make sure they will assign a consistent team to work on your implementation and that they tailor the project and training sessions to your business. Also check whether they provide an extra level of support in the weeks immediately following go-live when users are less familiar with the system.

Are You Afraid to Switch Systems Because of Data Migration?


Import tools

Tech suppliers should also be able to offer tools to allow you to import client data from a file, which can save you time and ensure you don’t lose valuable customer data when moving systems. It’s worth checking this when shopping around for the right tech partner. If they don’t have a tool to migrate bookings automatically, you can potentially do so manually if volumes are low or you could keep an admin license for your current system until bookings created in the old system have expired. 

Clean house

While many companies see moving systems and migrating client data as a massive task, why not look at it as a positive and see it as a good opportunity to cleanse you customer database and have your new system set-up with just relevant and active customer and prospects. 

Timing is everything.

In order to reduce disruption to your busy, pick a time of year to adopt the new travel tech system when it is relatively quiet from a new bookings perspective so that your team can focus on migrating bookings and develop proficiency in using the new system before it gets busy again. 

If anything just remember that the benefits from a new, improved system will be realised for a long time whilst the disruption of changing system will be a comparatively short one.

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