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Customers come in all shapes and sizes and some are more pleasant than others. Customers in the travel industry are no different, so here are a few types of customers that travel agents would prefer to see the back of.


The unrealistic one

This is the customer that walks into a travel agency and says they want to go to on a 5 star, 2 week all-inclusive holiday to the Maldives with their family of 5 and their budget is £1,000.


The sneaky one

This type uses a travel agent’s vast knowledge and years of experience to find their perfect holiday. However, after said agent spent hours if not days, not to mention blood, sweat and tears, putting together a dream trip, the customer books that same trip online or with another travel agent and claims it was cheaper there.


The rude one

Same as the ‘sneaky one’, this one tends to let the travel agent do all the hard work, difference being that the 'rude one' can't be bothered to wait till they get home to jump online. They're actually searching the net for holidays on their phone while still in the travel agency.


The time wasting one

This type of customer shows similar behaviour patterns to the sneaky one and the rude one, however the difference is that they already have a good deal secured with one of the competing travel agencies, but they just want reassurance they’ve secured the best deal out there. The other reason could be that they like the idea of travel, but don’t actually book travel and get a kick out of wasting travel agents' time.


The last-minute one

The last-minute customer doesn't just want a last-minute deal, they also walk into the travel agency the very last minute of a Friday afternoon, wanting the travel agent to find them a good deal departing the following Monday. They also have a tendency to do this at 4.55pm on Christmas eve and/or bank holiday weekends.


The inflexible one

This type of customer might seem like a delight initially. When the travel agent asks them where and when they want to go, their initial response is usually, ‘I’m flexible.’ However, don't be fooled as this is quickly followed by: but I don’t want to go to Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Bulgaria or Turkey. This one will not like anything the travel agents offers them as really all they want is a cheap deal to the Spanish resort they’ve been going to every July.

Having said all of that, travel agents do love friendly customers with realistic budgets and actually love finding them the dream holiday and knowing they had the time of their life. 

(N.B. This blog post was created with the help of several agents from the Travel Gossip community.)

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