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When investing in a new travel tech system, don’t just make your decision based on what the technology can do for your business now, but also think about how it can benefit you in the future. When comparing tech partners, here are a few questions to help you decide.


Does the system you’re buying have proven scalability?

As travel businesses grow the requirements for a travel tech system might change. When shopping for a new system, it’s wise to check whether it’s easy to customise the software to your changing business needs. Find out how often the tech provider releases upgrades and whether there are any modules you can add on as your company grows. Or perhaps you can even commission further enhancements that are tailored to your business specifically.


Is it easy to add more user licences?

Businesses grow and as you expand and hire more consultants to sell your products, they all need to be able to manage bookings and quotes in the travel management system. When deciding on a system, find out whether the tech partner you’re considering allows you to easily add more user licences for your staff.


Does the system support various branches?

As your travel business grows, you might not just need more staff, but you also might open up more branches which can turn data sharing into a real nightmare. The software you want to invest in should help you streamline sharing documents and files between different locations by centralising the data various departments need to work with. So best find out whether they system allows that.


How does the tech provider adapt to industry changes?

It’s worth checking what the tech company you’re considering does in order to stay up to date of important market changes that have an impact on your business and how they plan on making sure their product can adapt to these industry changes and subsequent market needs.

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