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Of course there are many advantages to building your own travel booking software. For one you are in full control of what features you want to develop and you are the owner of the software product. Additionally you're not bound by monthly licence fees or any contract commitments. But before you start building your own travel booking system, just bear in mind the following things:


Schedule in enough time

Building software takes time and when building your own software versus buying it off the shelf, will require lots of time as you're starting creating a system from scratch. The upside is that you can tailor it entirely to fit your business and only build the features you need. Although, if you were to hire a travel tech supplier, a lot of them build new functionalities based on their customers' feedback as well.


Have a realistic budget

When establishing your budget for developing your own travel booking software, bear in mind that there may be additional costs that pop-up further down the line. For starters the project might run into overtime, which will add to your costs in terms of salaries and manpower. Once the system is pushed live, software developers and IT professionals will need ongoing training. Not just on your technologies, but also on the fast-evolving technology within the entire travel industry. Additionally, as loyal as your staff may be, people do change jobs and hiring and training new employees will be a recurring cost for your operation.


Hire Industry tech experts

Make sure after you hire developers and IT people, that they're trained up on the ins and outs of your product. Make sure that when people leave the company their knowledge and expertise doesn't leave with them as you may find you will need to start from scratch. Additionally it would be beneficial to hire developers with a travel background and who know the industry in and out.  If they’re specialised in travel technology versus generic technology, they'll be able to build your travel booking system faster, better and more effectively.


Have a contingency plan

Many travel tech suppliers offer daily support and can assist you when the system goes down. So when you build your own travel technology, you want someone to be available whenever you push the new software and subsequent functionalities live to the systems’ front office.


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