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Automating a travel business offers many benefits, but many travel companies avoid adopting a travel booking system due to the high initial set-up cost. While the initial set-up cost and related costs for training, etc. can indeed be a considerable investment, bear in mind that these are only one-off costs. Subsequent costs are reduced to monthly licence fees and when your travel booking system is up and running, it will actually pay for itself in terms of the extra profit travel companies will reap. Here’s how.

Less overhead

Automation will reduce the need to hire more staff should you want to expand your business, so costs for training, contributions to National insurance and pensions, work place insurance and wage inflation, will be considerably reduced when you need fewer staff. 

Additionally, attrition rates will go down as your sales staff will be happier with less manual and cumbersome work and they can focus on what they love doing most: Selling more holidays to customers. 

Fewer errors

To err is human, and since travel agents can make mistakes which could potentially cost your business a lot of money. Automation will result in fewer of these human errors as it will replace manual admin tasks and money spent on cleaning up after booking errors will significantly reduce.

Better business insight

Bringing all automated tasks together enables you to keep better track of how your business is doing and more insightful reports will allow you to keep track of what processes are more lucrative and which ones are actually making you lose money.

More bookings

Advantages of automating your business include increased productivity and more efficient use of travel consultants’ time resulting in better customer service, which in turn will result in repeat customers.

How a travel booking system pays for itself

(The above is an example of how The Cruise Line benefited from implementing the Dolphin Back-office system.)

In short, investing in automating many op your business processes will result in your operation saving a lot of time and money, so before you know it you've earned the initial set-up fees back.

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