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Implementation of new technology can result in higher productivity, efficiency and performance. However, if the roll-out is handled badly, the implementation process can be disastrous.  However, with the help of a technology supplier it doesn’t have to be and you should be able to roll out new software seamlessly.

Travel technology providers are specialists in their field and they have the technical knowledge and expertise needed to build your travel reservation and back office system fast and effectively. At the start of the project they will most likely be able to help you determine what's not working in your business and what areas need automating. They will also help you establish what you want to get out of the new technology.

During the entire implementation process the travel technology provider is likely to support and assist you should you encounter any obstacles. They will normally have a complete support system in place to overcome any difficulties during the transition. Once you’ve gone live and your staff is using the new software daily, oftentimes they can direct any issues or questions to a support desk for help.

Training is vital, and most tech companies will offer this so your staff feels comfortable with the new technology before you go live. 

If the option is there, try to go for face-to face training rather than online training as your staff will get the most from the training session. Including a period in your implementation timeline to allow users to get acquainted with the software before go live and after they’ve had training, is something you could consider as well.

After the roll out, it’s down to you to ensure you are getting the most out of the system after the roll-out process. Most software companies will release upgrades of their product suites and develop add-ons or additional modules. Keep up to date with your tech supplier’s roadmap and understand how your company could benefits from new features.

In short, when you choose to drive progress and efficiency for your company by automating your business, working with an expert tech supplier will make the entire transition and implementation process easier.

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