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The end of 2018 is only a few days away, so time to look back at what happened over the past year. We can all agree it was the year of acronyms. So maybe I should call this blog post 'the acronyms that shaped the travel industry in 2018...'



Technically NDC (New Distribution Capability) was launched in 2012, but it did affect travel companies in 2018 and probably will still be felt across the travel industry next year as well. Created by IATA, NDC is an information sharing standard between airlines and travel companies. So far Lufthansa and BA have started charging for bookings, but according to Adrian Parkes, Chief Executive of Guild of Travel Management Companies in the UK: ‘GDSs will be in a position to consume NDC content next year once the commercials are agreed.’



PSD2 (Second Payment Services Directive) was an EU regulation that came into force in January. It meant that companies were no longer allowed to charge clients extra for credit card payments. The ruling has had an impact on independent travel companies’ bottom line, but they’re dealing with it. Some are absorbing the fees, others are using other payment methods.



GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was all about data privacy of consumers in the EU and giving them more control over it. For businesses it meant clearing out email databases and the end of sending (spammy) marketing emails. And much more...



The PTR (Package Travel Directive) came into effect in July 2018. It reinforced customers’ rights to hold travel package organisers responsible if the holiday they were sold wasn’t what was promised when they bought it. It didn’t change much to the liability of travel companies under the previous rules, but the definition of what a package holiday is now, means that a larger number of companies can be held responsible, potentially leading to more cancellations and additional costs.

Let's hope 2019 will show us fewer acronym disruptors, although MTD (Making Tax Digital) is already looming on the horizon.

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