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For some travel companies spreadsheets are the perfect way to manage quotes and bookings, however for many others there comes a time this type of travel admin doesn’t cut it anymore. So, when do you know it's time to ditch your spreadsheets and automate your travel business?


If you’re handling too many bookings

Using spreadsheets is perfectly fine when the number of bookings that are coming in are limited. However, as your business expands and the number of bookings increases, it will become harder to manage this. Things like storing and sharing booking and customer information  between sales staff in different departments and updating files in multiple places becomes very time consuming and could easily lead to errors. For most tour operators and travel agencies automating online sales is an important part of their growth strategy and if you’re thinking of moving your business online, spreadsheets won’t be able to handle the bookings made on your website. Nor can they be processed manually.


If you don’t know how your business is doing

Having access to information and the right data that shows you exactly how your business is doing, can help you grow your operation and stand out from the competition. Knowing what the business and industry trends are and what activities were successful for you makes it easier to focus on processes that allow your business to flourish and grow. Being able to keep track of your sales, revenue, budgets, bills and invoices that are due, etc, will make all of this a lot easier.


If you want your data to be safe and secure

When using spreadsheets sensitive information is not well protected because everyone and anyone can access them. Files can go missing because someone saved a document in the wrong place or accidentally deleted something.  It’s tricky to manage all your customers’ information, making things like data protection and personalised marketing activities impossible.


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