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With the Travel Technology Europe Show happening next week, there's no better time and place to meet with potential tech partners should you be thinking of adopting or switching to a new reservations and back office system. Besides the usual questions such as 'What does your system do?' and 'How much does it cost?', there are a few other questions that are worth putting to the tech suppliers you will be meeting.

Here are a few.

How will your system support my future growth?

Rolling out a new reservations and booking management system is quite an investment and you want to make sure that the tech partner you are going to work with will support your future plans and keeps up with industry requirements. So it’s wise to ask them whether their system is easy to upgrade and whether you’re able to add-on value-added modules or bolt-ons.  Ask them whether it is easy to add any more user licences as you might need more people working with the system as your business grows. Also find out whether they regularly upgrade their software and add new features to the system.


How do you assess what areas of my business need automating?

Ask them whether they offer any discovery processes to find out what it is you want to get out of the system. You might not want to automate all areas of your operation and it’s helpful to end up with a tech partner that spends time with you and your staff in order to find an effective solution that fits your business requirements.


What support do you offer during the entire process?

Make sure they will be there to overcome any obstacles and possible hurdles and will hold your hand during the during the entire roll-out process.  Do they assign a project manager to you who will make sure the process of switching or adopting the new system will be as smooth as possible?  


What to Ask a potential Tech Partner at TTE


Will you be there after go-live?

Find out whether the tech partner you’re thinking of working with will not disappear after go-live. So, ask them what they offer in terms of support after you’ve gone live with the new reservation and booking management system. Is there a support team that can help your staff answer any questions they have regarding the system? See if they offer any technical support when needed, and enquire about out-of-office hours assistance, etc.


How do you make sure we make the most of the system?

Ask them whether they offer any training and whether this is face-to-face or via webinars. Find out if they offer any on-going training and things like webinars, product updates and/or customer user groups to make sure you stay up to date with the latest feature releases and software updates.

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