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95% of travellers read holiday reviews before booking their next trip. Many online sellers now know that positive reviews carry more weight than most other marketing channels. But what to do with any negative reviews someone has left on your website?


Don’t take it personal

Something you shouldn’t do is take the negative review too personal and go on the defensive. It might feel like a personal attack, but it’s best to stay professional and reply in a calm way. You might want to wait till the first bout of anger has subsided before you respond to the reviewer.


Don’t start an online discussion

This could get ugly and will make your business look even more negative. So it’s probably best to take it offline.


Don’t ignore it

Don’t ignore the negative review and leave the person who posted it hanging as this will make you look like you don’t care about your customers. Key is to respond quickly as most people nowadays expect a reply within an hour.



Apologise and acknowledge the issue and let the customer know you will do everything in your power to rectify the issue. It’s worth pointing out that the problem raised is unusual for your business and that your customers are normally happy with your service.


how to deal with negative reviews


Be sincere

The human factor goes a long way. Taking the personal approach in your responses makes your business look more human and less like a big corporation.


Take action

Offer the reviewer a discount or give him or her a special offer. It’s important though that you take a step back and if there is a pattern in negative reviews, that you take action and make sure these types of issues won’t happen again in the future.

In short, negative reviews will not break your business, however not dealing with them properly could mean losing customers. 

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