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Your business is nothing without your customers so showing them some love will make sure they love you back and more importantly, buy from you. So, how do you keep your customers close?

Be yourself

People buy from people so when communicating with your customers be approachable, so you don’t come across as a faceless corporate. Adding personal touches to your customer service goes a long way and your customers will remember you for it.  The more data you gather about your customers the easier this will be. Something as simple as addressing your customers by their name creates an instant report and asking them how their family or pets are doing will show them that you are a human being and actually paying attention to your customers.

Offer seamless customer service

Customers appreciate a seamless service as much as a personal service. If one of your sales staff was talking to a customer who then gets in touch again, they will get annoyed if they have to repeat what was discussed before. It will make them feel ignored. Keeping copies of previous emails and notes of phone calls will make it a lot easier to pick up a conversation where it was left off.

Stay in touch

During the booking process you will be able to gather a lot of additional data that you can use later on in your marketing emails, so they won’t forget about you once they start thinking about booking their next trip. By knowing their travel and spending patterns and preferences you can send them exclusive offers that will suit them, or you can drop an email and thank them for being loyal customers by offering them a special discount on their next trip. This way you’ll make sure that you will stay top of their mind.

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